Ammɛmre Abusia Fie (Traditions Shrine House)



About Okomfo Nana Akua Baakan Mossi AKA Nana Nkosuohemma Akua Adobowa I…
Okomfo Baakan Mossi began on the road to Tegare in 2001 at Asomdwee Fie, Shrine of the Abosom and Nsamanfo, Inc. In 2002, she was initiated as a Tegare Okomfo by Nana Ohemma Akua Kyerewaa Opukuwaa. After receiving a strong foundation and understanding of the meaning of priesthood, Okomfo Baakan Mossi took a brief pause in her training to begin her family. Later she joined the Ohene Kra Konmude Shrine, under the leadership of Nana Ohemma Akua Onyame Nyamekye. During a trip home to Ghana with Nana Nyamekye in 2006, she furthered her training and knowledge about her Obosom at the Nii Bosomfo Mensah Tegare Shrine in La.
After a very long journey, Okomfo Baakan Mossi was graduated and ordained as a Tegare Okomfo in La-Accra, Ghana on May 29, 2007 by Okomfo Nana Adjei I, Chief Priest and Awong Onyame Anyorkor I, Chief Priestess of the Nii Bosomfo Mensah Tegare Shrine. Most recently, Okomfo Baakan Mossi traveled to Ipala, Ghana (Upper Eastern Region) the home of the Obosom Tegare and worked, studied and served the  Obosom with other Tegare priest in the Northern Ghana Federation of Spiritual Healers.

On March 18, 2011, Okomfo Baakan Mossi was installed as the Queen Mother of Development in Ekumfi Essuehysia, Ghana (Central Region). A grand durbar was held and Okomfo Baakan Mossi was enstolled and entitled Nana Nkosuohemma Akua Adabowa I. Her responsibilities include developing this traditional area in health care, education, spiritual and financial development..

The Awesome Diety—Nana Tegare
In the Akan Akom tradition we praise and honor, first and foremost Onyame (GOD). Then in the Akan pantheon is the Obosom or Deities. At the Ammɛmre Abusia Fie (Traditions Shrine House) our patron or head deity is Nana Tegare. He is an amazingly healing and powerfully protective deity. We uplift and promote the wonders of Nana Tegare in everything we do at this house. Below is more information about Nana Tegare.
Tegare (also known As Brafo Gari, Tega, Eja, Gare and many others) is a system of Deities from the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa. Nana Tegare is a hunter and an herbalist. Tegare has been inexistence forever and in many forms. He first appeared in the physical realm to assist those who were being mistreated and taken advantage of, especially in cases where witches attempted to do evil against someone. Thus, Nana Tegare is known as a mighty and powerful ‘witchcatcher’. He seeks the truth and exposes witches, liars, thieves and evil doers. Tegare comes to watch and investigate a situation or space and will quickly expose liars and evil doers. Tegare loves to dance, laugh and have fun. He will often make jokes, but one must remember to listen for the truth or message within the joke.
There are many deities within the Tegare system and they may all have different variations in dance, style, and mannerisms. Their Ahene (spiritual bead) colors may vary from Black and White to Black and Red to Brown and Orange. Tegare, however, can usually be identified by his Akonti (hunter’s stick), his Batakari attire, his Sufi Muslim Dervish-style spinning /turning, and his whistle or bell that he will constantly blow or ring.
Tegare enjoys offerings of Kola nut, tobacco (cigarettes or cigars), gin (or dark drinks), and beer (Heineken, Guinness). Other appropriate gifts for Tegare and his shrine are fruit, water, eggs, candles, and money.





Akwasidae Ritual & Observance

The celebration of Akwasidae (an ancestral celebration that is celebrated every 40-42 days) is held to commemorate our personal ancestors with traditional food called eto, fond memories, stories and prayers for their continued guidance and protection. You are invited bring pictures, belongings and/or artifacts of your personal ancestors to place on the community alter (they will be returned after service)

About Our Chief Priest and Our Patron Diety

TRADITIONS Spiritual Healing Expo
For five years, Traditional Life  Ministries sponsored an annual expose’ of traditional healing systems and practitioners--Learning about the various forms of African Traditional Religions/Spiritual Systems and other forms of spiritual healing. Featuring Traditional Healers from the Akan, Yoruba, Vodoun, Sangoma, Kemetic Spiritual Systems along with Reiki Practitioners, Intuitive and Hands-On Healers.
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